Building Teams, One Brick at a Time…

Lego® Serious Play® (LSP) is an innovative, powerful and transformation facilitation methodology that uses Lego® bricks and a structured approach to activate the full potential of people, teams and organisations. LSP provides a safe and fun experiential process to unlock just about every challenge that could confront teams and the individuals who make or break those teams.

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LSP Facilitation

Value of Lego® Serious Play® (LSP)

Hand-Centred Engagement

With 70 to 80% of our brains hard-wired to our fingertips, why do we spend so much time jabbering away about strategy and people? Getting our hands on the bricks switches on neural pathways directly into the grey matter.

Deep, Insightful

The question-posing, building, storytelling and reflection iterations of the LSP process tap into people’s vast reservoir of creativity and innovation, whilst also unlocking deeply held beliefs and obstacles. This accelerates a team’s ability to move forward and be awesome. Because everything is awesome!

Serious Fun

So many approaches to organisational, team and talent development are just boring. Period. Adults learn best while having fun! LSP creates a playful experience that is seriously powerful at the same time. It’s a no-brainer.

Agile Application

There is nothing that is out-of-bounds for LSP. Every great LSP facilitation always commences with preparation – defining a crystal clear challenge and the outcomes required. From there we can apply standard techniques to design the most effective experience and journey.


You’ve seen it all before. A day or two invested in strategy breakaways, team training and year-end ra-ra and what do you get? The same-old same-old the following week.  The LSP process changes people for the better. Every time.

And More…

Keep reading the latest blog articles to learn more about this powerful facilitation method.

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The Origin Story

Six Reasons It’s Awesome!

How It Works

“Seek it with your hands – don’t think about it, feel it. The wisdom in your hands is greater than the wisdom in your head will ever be.” Baggar Vance in The Legend of Baggar Vance


Agile Strategy

Strategy determined once per year (even if written down) is likely to fail. Every time. How about a 3D experiential strategy that unites the team in the process? How about a strategy that is resilient to change and uncertainty? Future proof your organisation. Find out more >>

Agile Teams

Successful teams are those who are aligned in purpose and values, and work together to live those values while maximising each person’s contribution. Mobilise your team and focus their contribution in the right direction. Find out more >>

Team Building with a Twist

Aren’t you tired of year-end functions that serve no deeper purpose? Are you stuck for creative yet powerful ideas for your next team building event? Try something different. Create value and have fun. Find out more >>

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Latest Updates

We are very blessed to have an interview with Michel Cloosterman, who was the facilitator who trained me through the Association of Master Trainers inn 2016. We met in Karlsruhe, Germany, as I traipsed from Africa to do my certification. From there this amazing journey for me has started. Michel  joins us to share how he got into Lego® Serious Play®, what it means to him and some examples of inspiring moments and wonderful practices that are particularly meaningful to him. 

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Kerstin Jatho, founder of 4Seeds, joins us to chat about ‘Happiness at Work’ – a powerful approach to building companies and developing people. As as a highly qualified and experienced coach, Kerstin shares her insights on the profound and tangible benefit of a happy team. She also takes us through what it means to be a meaningful leader. This theme is continued through Belinda’s introduction on her latest podcast discovery.

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Karen Barensché, Regional Coordinator for URI Southern Africa, joins us to share her social perspective on community and enterprise, and how the powerful bridging work of organisations such as URI are making a critical impact, one brick at a time. I wrap up with our change focus for the next two weeks – gentle progress, being resolute and ‘sweating the small stuff’ – and share my learning on a course with u.lab built upon Otto Scharmer’s work on Theory U.

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We chat to Carl Bates, founder and chief executive of Sirdar Global Group, about high-performance boards and directors in private companies. We learn more about Carl’s ground-breaking book on the subject, Traversing the Avalanche. We introduce the concept of storytelling as a powerful tool for business learning and how it is applied in the Lego® Serious Play® method. The change focus for the next two weeks is ‘Take a Step Back’, so check out the podcast to learn about this state of change.

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I was reminded this week about the ‘curse’ of the lifestyle business. If this term is unfamiliar, it refers to a business that has been founded and/or run primarily for the purpose of funding the lifestyle of its founders or proprietors. A lifestyle business is usually one that has been quite successful and has grown… Read More

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Belinda Doveston introduces the podcast and provides insight into what you can expect. She also shares her perspective on the Lego® Serious Play® method, and the change focus for the next two weeks – ‘Biting Through the Obstacle’.

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On Belinda Doveston

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Belinda for over 5 years and have always found her to be attentive, measured, and supportive. She has impeccable communication skills and always knows the right language to use – tailored to whomever she is addressing – to get her message across in the clearest and fastest way possible. She is easy to work with, always stays positive and cool under pressure, and is an incredible asset to any team that she works with or leads.

Belinda is one of the most organised and efficient people I’ve ever met (and a fantastic individual as well.) She ‘wrote’ my book “The Customer-Centric Blueprint” – her approach and process was world-class. She’s since developed Master Class materials for me – awesome.

Belinda is an exceptionally valuable member of the Sirdar Global team. With core responsibility for the development of the Sirdar methodology and systems, Belinda has been a key part of our organisation’s growth and successful positioning as a global leader in this space.

My interactions with Belinda are intellectually simulating and challenging and she has always had candour in her approach to working with me.

I am an accredited Partner for Contribution Compass and my first interaction with Belinda Doveston was her facilitation of my Contribution Compass accreditation training. As a facilitator, I found Belinda to be engaging, fun, structured and flexible. Belinda utilised Lego in her training as well as various other techniques to bring concepts to life and to create a platform for participants to really gain deep insights. Since then, I have experienced Belinda’s in-depth training on webinars and through online learning and can confidently recommend her as a facilitator and for her in-depth course development ability.

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