#5 Bricks and Business with Michel Cloosterman | Ratcheting the Podcast!

We are very blessed to have an interview with Michel Cloosterman, who was the facilitator who trained me through the Association of Master Trainers inn 2016. We met in Karlsruhe, Germany, as I traipsed from Africa to do my certification. From there this amazing journey for me has started. Michel  joins us to share how he got into Lego® Serious Play®, what it means to him and some examples of inspiring moments and wonderful practices that are particularly meaningful to him.  Read More

#4 Happiness at Work with Kerstin Jatho | Meaningful Work

Kerstin Jatho, founder of 4Seeds, joins us to chat about ‘Happiness at Work’ – a powerful approach to building companies and developing people. As as a highly qualified and experienced coach, Kerstin shares her insights on the profound and tangible benefit of a happy team. She also takes us through what it means to be a meaningful leader. This theme is continued through Belinda’s introduction on her latest podcast discovery. Read More

#3 Bridging the Social Divide with Karen Barensché | The Three Divide Iceberg

Karen Barensché, Regional Coordinator for URI Southern Africa, joins us to share her social perspective on community and enterprise, and how the powerful bridging work of organisations such as URI are making a critical impact, one brick at a time. I wrap up with our change focus for the next two weeks – gentle progress, being resolute and ‘sweating the small stuff’ – and share my learning on a course with u.lab built upon Otto Scharmer’s work on Theory U. Read More

#2 High-Performance Directors with Carl Bates | Storytelling

We chat to Carl Bates, founder and chief executive of Sirdar Global Group, about high-performance boards and directors in private companies. We learn more about Carl’s ground-breaking book on the subject, Traversing the Avalanche. We introduce the concept of storytelling as a powerful tool for business learning and how it is applied in the Lego® Serious Play® method. The change focus for the next two weeks is ‘Take a Step Back’, so check out the podcast to learn about this state of change. Read More

When lifestyle businesses go out of style

I was reminded this week about the ‘curse’ of the lifestyle business. If this term is unfamiliar, it refers to a business that has been founded and/or run primarily for the purpose of funding the lifestyle of its founders or proprietors. A lifestyle business is usually one that has been quite successful and has grown… Read More

Book Review Podcast: Scaling Up by Verne Harnish

In this month’s podcast, I share my thoughts and insights on the book Scaling Up by Verne Harnish. This is a fantastic resource for accelerating a business – a complete system for growth that sticks. The strategic map used in this approach is very simple and effective – one that aligns beautifully with Lego® Serious Play®.… Read More

Water, water everywhere….

…And not a drop to drink! As you will know, especially if you are a resident of the Western Cape in South Africa, Cape Town faces a dramatic drought and water crisis. Residents have had to drop their daily consumption to 50 litres or less per person to hopefully avoid what has been coined ‘Day… Read More

What great purpose is your company giving birth to?

In this transcription of a podcast (see link below), I explore the concept that a company or organisation, just like a person, has a purpose it is attempting to bring to life. What then is your role in making this happen? I share how Lego Serious Play is a powerful methodology to support this process… Read More

The eye of the beholder

On a lazy Sunday afternoon recently, my six-year-old son was bored and restless. He was looking for something interesting to do – a challenge in the midst of the TV being, without debate, switched off. The first idea that popped into mind, surprise surprise, was Lego®. My son is absolutely crazy about Lego and calls himself… Read More