Lego® Challenge Solving Session


Do you have a challenge to be solved and need some help? Are you trying to come up with new ideas or simply need to shift your thinking? Do you have a box of your kid’s Lego lying around or are looking for an excuse to go out and buy the Death Star? How about a one-hour facilitated play session to rapidly move through your challenge or obstacle?


Location: Online, Using Zoom Meetings

Date: One Hour Session, Date/Time to be Agreed

Join Belinda Doveston for a facilitated one-hour webcam, online Lego® Serious Play® coaching session. Belinda will guide you to formulating your challenge or what you want to achieve, and then facilitate your Lego® Serious Play® session to get down to business. All you then have to do is get your hands on your bricks and enjoy the journey with her.

Trying to understand a conflict with a team member or direct report? Need to release procrastination on something specific? Planning a project and need to think deeply on it from different angles? Wanting to pinpoint your feeling of disquiet? Feeling burnt out and looking for a way back to wellness?There is no question, challenge or opportunity that is out of bounds.

When you purchase a slot, the Building Teams crew will connect to book in a time that suits you, which includes after hours should you need it at no extra charge. No matter what your time zone or global location, we will make a plan! So let’s get cracking!


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