Agile Strategy

Strategy determined once per year (even if written down) is likely to fail. Every time. How about a 3D experiential strategy that unites the team in the process? How about a strategy that is resilient to change and uncertainty? Future proof your organisation.

Agility is the calling card of a team equipped for the future. Defined as ‘the ability to move quickly and easily’, agility is not a switch you flick for instant gratification – it’s a muscle you develop over time. A team can only be truly agile is the strategy of the company or business unit is agile itself.  At the same time, the best strategies mean nothing if they cannot be implemented for maximum return. So many great strategies die the moment the breakaway weekend is over. Don’t be yet another statistic.

The following workshops and programmes are specifically focused on developing team intelligence.  Should any of these core themes not suit, why not select a bespoke option and let’s focus a specific theme or outcome for your team workshop.

1) Real Time Strategy for the Enterprise

This 1.5 to 2 day workshop develops a deep understanding of who your enterprise truly is, and who it aspires to be, and the simple guiding principles that steer your organisation in a sea of chaos and an uncertain future. After defining your organisation’s identify, the process works through scenarios to stress-test your identity. What emerge are core principles that can be applied in your strategic processes on a daily basis.

2) Scaling Up Programme

This extended programme integrates LSP and the Scaling Up methodology developed by Verne Harnish. Over a series of workshops across a one-year period, the strategy map is developed along with a set of strategic themes for the year. Once per quarter, a follow up LSP workshop reviews progress and refines the focus going forward. Includes resources to support the implementation of this strategic execution methodology.

3) Business Model Canvas

This 1.5 day workshop combines LSP and the Business Model Canvas, a renowned approach to defining your business model – how you create, capture and deliver value. This provides a solid foundation for executing strategy and evaluating tactical manoeuvres along the way.

4) Bespoke

There might be a specific strategic outcome that you need to address or overcome.  Perhaps you have an existing strategic framework you want to deepen. Or perhaps you would like to unlock your existing strategy more fully. Let’s define your specific requirements and plan the workshop with you.

The Logistics

The workshop packages exclude venue, refreshments and lunch or dinner. An event hosted at your premises requires a private room and a large table. Hosting at a conference venue can be arranged for you. There are three per-event pricing options available: 4 to 8 attendees; up to 12; and 12+.

Workshop packages include:

  • Brief online meeting to define outcomes
  • Facilitation of the workshop
  • Use of a Lego® Serious Play® kit
  • Post-event photo e-poster to reinforce outcomes