Agile Teams

Successful teams are those who are aligned in purpose and values, and work together to live those values while maximising each person’s contribution. Mobilise your team and focus their contribution in the right direction.

Easier said than done? Agility is the calling card of a team equipped for the future. Defined as ‘the ability to move quickly and easily’, agility is not a switch you flick for instant gratification – it’s a muscle you develop over time. Self-awareness, talent development, communication and collaboration are powerful allies in this pursuit. Collective team intelligence is the ultimate-ultimate weapon!

The following workshops are specifically focused on developing team intelligence.  Should any of these core themes not suit, why not select a bespoke option and let’s focus a specific theme or outcome for your team workshop.

1) Real Time Strategy for a Team

This 1 to 1.5 day workshop unlocks the value of your team quickly and powerfully. It aims to integrate individuals into the collective, through self and team knowledge, and by agreeing the core principles that bind the team together. Excellent for all types of teams, especially those challenged by a speed-wobble or some dysfunction, or to take a good team to the next level.

2) Values and Culture

This 1 day workshop focuses a team on its values, or those of the company, as a powerful means of accelerating value and deepening cohesion. The outcome of the process is a set of core values defined so that you can bring them to life. For a team with values already defined, this workshop can be focused on deepening the team’s understanding and identifying positive behaviours that support those values.

3) Maximised Contribution

This 1 day workshop combines LSP and the Contribution Compass®, a powerful profiling methodology aimed at getting team members into their zone of flow and maximising their individual and collective contribution.  The workshop guides the team to unlock self-understanding and lift the level of collaboration. Requires each attendee to have completed a Contribution Compass® profiler and is included.

4) Bespoke Workshop

There might be something specific that your team needs to address or overcome.  Perhaps you have an existing team methodology you want to deepen. Or perhaps your team is brand new and needs a good kick-start (or reboot). Let’s define your specific requirements and plan the workshop with you.

5) One-on-One Development

Up close and personal….one-on-one team development work, where specific insight, self-development or reflection unlocks career development, goal setting or problem solving.

The Logistics

The workshop packages exclude venue, refreshments and lunch or dinner. An event hosted at your premises requires a private room and a large table. Hosting at a conference venue can be arranged for you. There are three per-event pricing options available: 4 to 8 attendees; up to 12; and 12+.

Event packages include:

  • Brief online meeting to define outcomes
  • Facilitation of the workshop
  • Use of a Lego® Serious Play® kit
  • Post-event photo e-poster to reinforce outcomes