Team Building Special Events

Aren’t you tired of year-end functions that serve no deeper purpose? Are you stuck for creative yet powerful ideas for your next team building event? Try something different. Create value and have fun.

When it comes to year-end events, these are often loads of fun yet they can fail to return value to individuals and the company after the dust of the party has settled. How about ending the year or commencing the year with something meaningful and creative?

The following half-day events are recommended. A suggestion is a morning event followed by lunch or an afternoon option followed by dinner. Alternatively, you could combine the half-day event with other team activities, such as quad biking and zip lining for a full day. Full day LSP events are available on request.

1) Strategic Theme

In this event, the team looks forward to the year ahead. Wins for the year passing are acknowledged and used for insight. Key strategic outcomes or goals are focused on, culminating in a clear theme for the next year that can rally the team to focus its efforts in the right direction. Adds value even  if no strategic framework is in place or can support an existing framework or approach.

2) Unified Team

Here the focus is on the team itself in the context of a specific challenge or opportunity in the year to come. The goal is to bring the team together to overcome the challenge through working together effectively. Very powerful for teams where there is discord or fragmentation, or just where a big challenge or change looms and all hands must be on deck.

3) Accelerated Learning

This event focuses on learning: what the greatest personal and team learning was for the past year and what learning will best equip the team for success in the next cycle. Aimed at accelerating the development of a high-growth team and supporting a culture of continuous improvement.

4) Bespoke

There might be something specific that your team needs to address or overcome. Perhaps your values need reinforcement or insight on a particular event from the year needs to be unpacked. Let’s define your specific requirements and plan the event with you.

The Logistics

The standard event duration is 3.5 hours, in a morning or afternoon. Weekend options are available for breakaway weekend events.  The packages excludes venue, refreshments and lunch or dinner. An event hosted at your premises requires a private room and a large table. Hosting at a conference venue can be arranged for you. There are three per-event pricing options available: 4 to 8 attendees; up to 12; and 12+.

Event packages include:

  • Brief online meeting to define outcomes
  • Facilitation of the event
  • Use of a Lego® Serious Play® kit
  • Post-event photo e-poster to reinforce outcomes